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A podcast to help you figure out what to do in Federal Way, WA. We keep you current on events, help you discover hidden gems, get tips from the locals and basically try to get you out and about.
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The show about everything fun in Federal Way, WA!

Sep 28, 2015

Things are looking pretty Oktober-festive around Federal Way over the next couple weeks. Dates covered: October 1 - 15, 2015. Highlights: bake, build & brew, tiara time, run for fun - or from fear, love your city? Eat something and prove it. Also, a little opera. Pop in those earbuds and follow us to fun! WARNING: This episode contains polka music. Kieran thought you should know.

Polka music: La Spensierata, by Bruno Belotti, licensed through Creative Commons. Italian polka. Hey!

Sep 14, 2015

We're sew excited that you can now listen to the podcast on Stitcher! Don't worry, we won't be weaving it into the whole episode. Seriously, this one's jam packed with entertaining goodness. Hope you don't have a tough time making decisions... Dates covered: September 16-30, 2015. Highlights: teas & cheese, Cap'n Kieran tells no tales, pug shots, 12th manthems, get chilly, get chili, reimagineering and, uh, mic cozies. A stitch in time wins the race! That means nothing, just listen to the show.

Aug 31, 2015

Welcome to our Too Cool for School episode. Welcome to our Super Fun Fall Launch episode. Which is it? Yes on both counts! We're ready to edumacate you on unique classes, sweet extracurriculars and fave field trips - all local and picked just for you. Dates covered: September 1-15, 2015. Highlights: Military memoirs, beer school, channeling Jan Brady, channeling Einstein, so you think you can sing? BMWs, CJQ, and randomly, a bunch of prom themes. We're more fun than a pile of leaves, so jump on in!

Aug 17, 2015

Summer, wait, don't go! Oh - it's still August. Whew! We best not waste any time then. Come with us into this episode to discover all sorts of big, beautiful warm weather fun that will help you hold onto your summer bliss just a bit longer. Dates covered: August 17 - 31, 2015. Highlights: sail away with a couple of dreamers; make the scene at two free outdoor family flicks with perks; how good is roadster fun? Roaringly good. Plus, coasters, slides and school supplies, laser madness, squibbling over beer and bad grammar, strikes, spikes and an ode to September. Dive in before you miss something!

Jul 27, 2015

August means birthday time for both Amye and Kieran, so that's what we've got going on. What makes this your month for fun? Are your eyes glazing over as you stare into space? Don't look at us for answers...oh, wait. Actually, that's exactly what you should do, isn't it? Enough rhetorical questions, let's get to it! Dates covered: August 1 - 15, 2015. Highlights: Angels got skills, er, talent, pythons and giant slides, blueberries for you, the smell of nitro, fun with black lights and Soviet cars. 

Jul 20, 2015

It's a giveaway, a contest, a chance to win free stuff! Don't wait on this one, dear listeners. Those who pop in their earbuds promptly will possibly procure a prize... 

This bonus episode has other specialness to enjoy, whenever you tune in. We talk to Margaret Read, Artistic Director for PowellsWood Storytelling Festival, to find out what's going on in those gardens and why you want to know. Highlights: Every person tells a story, don't they? Plus, Friday deal for kids, two takes on Appalachia, a 'fan' of classic humor, is it a lion or is it Antonio, tornado priorities, and time for winning!

Word on the street - Federal Way's festival is sweet!

FYI: This episode's theme music is "Bright White" by Podington Bear, license through Creative Commons. 

Jul 13, 2015

This episode is cool and refreshing, like a tall glass of lemonade. It's also heavy on big names in a variety of entertainment worlds and full of awesome activities you had no idea were happening in FW - well, until now. Dates covered: July 16 - 31, 2015. Highlights: A monkey called what? An alien called what? A picnic for...what? Plus, that Elvis seems fishy, a festival with a prize inside, Balto goes south and chillicious mamas and papas.You know you want to listen!

Jul 6, 2015

Y'know, we think "Interviewing People" is getting to be a thing! This bonus episode is a two-fer: you get interviews AND a show! Listen as the founders of Federal Way's only public poetry open mic spill their guts and share their craft. Highlights: a streetcar named memory, secrets of a teacher, preteen drama, The Head and The Heart - not the band, the poem,but the band would like the poem, just sayin' - and the color of condiments.

Snap those digits, Daddy! It's poetry night.

Thanks to poets Tina Callanan, Joyce Elijah, Evelyn Page, Arthur Solomon and Cristy Verellen for reading their work.

Jun 29, 2015

Dust off the guest room, because it's time to welcome family & friends from afar to feast on Federal Way fun! Dates covered: July 1 - 15, 2015. Highlights: international skimboarding, free fun on the 4th, dancin' in the grass, poetry open mic deep cuts, like Mystery Science Theater 3000 but with sharks, Splish Splash and Smidget, so you think you know Afghanistan? 

Jun 15, 2015

Countdown to the first day of summer, Federal Way. Mother Nature may have had you fooled with all the early high temps, but here at the To Do List we know when the official Summer Solstice drops and we are ready. Dates covered: June 16 - 30, 2015. Highlights: first fest of summer, pega-ponies, musical inclusion fusion, teen HQ, fun's back for the summer and meet the pool fairy. Ready for summer? You will be after this episode. 

May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day, Federal Way! This episode drops extra early, so you have plenty o' time to plan your moves for June. Dates covered: June 1 - 15, 2015. Highlights: bait and splash, K pop and K... speech(?!), UFOs and second chances, mothers and t-birds, surf and trails. It's double vision time on the To Do List - without the dizziness. 

May 11, 2015

Oh the fun to be had, every kid, mom and dad! When we're ready to play, we go to Federal Way! Okay, we don't claim to be Suess-worthy here at FWTDL. We do know where the fun is though, so listen up. Dates covered: May 16 - 31, 2015. Highlights: Take over Pac Highway - tutus encouraged, abra-cat-dabra, honk for truckin', fast train to rap fame, in memory, eco party and you think you're an enigma?

May 6, 2015

It's interview time! This episode is all about ham radio. It's actually called amateur radio, as every expert knows... Listen in as Daniel Stevens and Dean Cuccio of the Federal Way Amateur Radio Club (FWARC) tell us why this 'old school' hobby may actually be what saves humanity! Highlights: the other MARS, international knitting groups, repeaters, repeaters, Iditarod rescue and the secret internet. How can you resist?

Apr 27, 2015

We have a May Giveaway! Yep, our first ever enter-to-win opportunity! We're excited! That's why we're using all these exclamation points! Don't wait - listen to the episode right now and find out how you can enter to win. If you don't, we may be forced to switch to ALL CAPS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. Dates covered: May 1 - 15, 2015. Highlights: Did we mention a giveaway? Also, cycling for serious roadsters, a date night that's cozy & posh & locally sourced - seriously, comics good, lip-licking luau, Mom's Day guaranteed win, fiddler and the drum, Rear View Terror band, hip drama starring Kieran (aka Bishop). We told you there's a giveway, right?

Apr 14, 2015

Listen in to the weirdest card game ever. If you can survive all our poker puns, you'll cash in on plenty o' fun. That's the only lame rhyme though. For now. Dates covered: April 16-30, 2015. Highlights: no hoarding, no cry and a tech tip from Kieran, face-melting harmony, master the YouTube with mini-figs, getting beach-ready with books, #razzzberry, tap dancing sailors, what's the frequency - and Interviewing People!

Mar 30, 2015

The first few weeks of April may have some tricksy milestones, but don't be fooled! There is mucho fun to be had right now. Dates covered: April 1 - 15, 2015. Highlights: blue vs. red, peeps and pups, dragons and dances, camps and carving - not necessarily in that order. Worried about taxes? F'get about it. OK, don't actually forget, but never fear, free help is here.

Mar 20, 2015

Woo hoo! This is our first ever, super special, bonus content, deluxe interview episode. Take a listen to inline speed skater Anna LaPella and her coach Darin Pattison, both of Federal Way's own Team Xtreme, as they give you the inside track on the competitive skating community. Highlights: Battle in Seattle, going pro, inline vs. ice, Anna's favorite race moves and the Olympics. We can dream right?

Mar 16, 2015

Lace up your go-fast shoes - after this episode you'll be racing all over town. Because of lots to do that's fun for you, that's why. Dates covered: March 16 - 31, 2015. Highlights: inner artist, outer artist, uptown flowers and stumperies, girl on fire (with skates), do your HOMEwork, what haunted houses do in the off season and organ music without the Phantom. Enjoy your March gladness!

Mar 3, 2015

Around here, March comes in like a lion and slinks out like a soaking wet cat, so let's go play indoors! Dates covered: Mar 1 - 15, 2015. Highlights: we see a stethoscope in your future, be knitty AND witty, tasty salsa, the con is on, fair trade at it's most literal, FW splashdown and spotlight on musicals. Are we doing too many musicals on this show? Nah.

Feb 17, 2015

Like it or not (we're talking to you, snow bums), spring is in the air. Open your sleepy eyes, emerge from your caves, and face that glowing orb in the sky. Nice. Dates covered: Feb 16-28, 2015. Highlights: hitting fastballs - and the trail, a surprising twist in Korean history, take to your soapbox with confidence, battle the economy with Constantine and race with the cops. Don't worry, it's totally legal.

Feb 3, 2015

Chins up, Twelves! There's plenty of good things going on around Federal Way to boost your post-Super Bowl spirits. Dates covered: Feb 1-15, 2015. Highlights: Get groovy, fun with hammers, belly dancin', popcorn with your opera, school sneak peaks and tech-savvy seniors.

Jan 22, 2015

Beat the grays with good times in Federal Way, WA. Dates covered: Jan 22 - 31, 2015.  Highlights: Girls Night: The Musical, chess club, Meetup adventures, Super Smash Bros. tournament, Zumba partying, MaST Center science fun and best places to feed your face - according the teenagers.


Dec 30, 2014

Federal Way is in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, between Seattle and Tacoma. If you are here - or will be soon, listen in for what's fun to do around here.

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